Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On the measure to seal our destruction

The yeas have it, motion carries. Enjoy your new tax hike to pay for the "free money." While you were so busy voting yourself some money at the expense of some other group, you missed your own pocket getting picked.

Just because the majority wants something does not mean that the greater good is really served; just because the majority wants something doesn't mean that anyone has the right to expropriate it from the owner; and just because the majority wants something doesn't mean that the process itself is "sustainable" — the new catchword used to limit all innovation and progress.

(excerpted from "Voters Hate Socialism Except When They Love It," by Tim Kern on Mises Daily.)
Text or MP3 audio version of the article available via the link.

If you check out the article, I think it pays to keep in mind that voters can, with equal validity, refer to the voting public, but just as importantly to our elected representatives. These who so often think that their vote causes stuff to appear or disappear as desired, like magic. Delusion of the first order. So many of we the average citizens voted for the hopey-changemas promised by "O." We failed to understand the costs and ramifications.

We believe in global warming climate-change and we want tax relief for 95% of us, and help with our car payments and mortgages, and changes to government for a more hopeful tomorrow. Thus, rapt in awe, you cannot wait to vote for Obama, the promissor of your desires. Congratulations! Through Obama, you've just voted for a carbon-tax on business and energy producers which will more than consume any temporary tax relief you are or expect to receive when you open your future utility bills. Any products requiring energy to produce will likewise cost more, and those added costs will be passed along to you.

As Tim's article demonstrates, In the long run, voting doesn't produce things, it only sanctions taking. People having their production taken by coercion will naturally try to shield it, or will give up and stop producing. Unable to beat 'em, they'll start to consider joining 'em in voting for further sanctions on taking the production from others. And, we'll all end up impoverished for the effort.

This is called, rent-seeking [PDF].

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