Monday, February 16, 2009

A couple degrees of Twitter

Yep, so I was scrolling the Twitter feed overnight, seeing what had to be said by the folks there I'm following. I harkend upon an exchange between Leo Laporte and a dedicated follower of his media, who was shocked by a bit of liberalism Leo had espoused in a show. Leo had taken the interesting tack of kindly answering this man by citing Christian gospel.

But, Leo has missed a crucial element. Christian gospel socialism is voluntary. According to some Christians, you might be placing your soul in jeopardy if you don't play along. Nevertheless, it is still voluntary, just the same. Publicly eschewing the brand of socialism in Christianity is likely to get you prayers for your salvation.

Eschewing a government program of socialism...that's likely to get you fined or jailed, or perhaps worse. At least it will earn you additional deprivation of freedom.

The magic of Twitter, linked me back to the gentleman's own blog, where he commented eloquently on his experience.

I responded in the story's comments, in solidarity.

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